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We offer a variety of methods to engage students and young adults

Student Marketing Campaigns & Services

British American Group are a leading student marketing agency based in Birmingham. We have a host of services from online media to publications and on campus promotions to help you market your product to students. Having forged links with a number of big names, creating a student campaigns and strategies for advertising to students, our services can not only increase short term sales, but long term goals too, including greater brand awareness and market penetration. Packages are available to suit all budgets, briefs and timings. Packages are available to suit all budgets, briefs and timings. We have a wheelbarrow full of successful student advertising campaigns, just take a look; and remember, we’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so if you need help deciding what you need, give the UK’s leading student marketing company a call now.


On Campus Promotions


From concept to creation, we manage marketing campaigns at over 472 university campuses globally, involving:

  • Strategy & Concepts
  • Experiential & Events
  • Brand Ambassadors & Staffing
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Sampling & Flyering
  • Media Support

We are campus marketing specialists.

Managing your project from start to finish, we have extensive knowledge when it comes to marketing to students on campus and we know how this can be done effectively to achieve the best results.

On Campus Marketing Services
Advertising on campus is a superb business solution to reach students at universities with on campus events helping to increase awareness of your brand and ultimately get more sales.

Other than the obvious planning, logistics, management and reporting that goes into all of our campaigns, we are rock solid at the following:

Strategy & Concepts
Our knowledge of the student market is untouchable. We tell you what works and come up with campus promotion ideas that actually work, meaning you get the most for your budget.
If you need insight into how you can engage students, or need an original idea for a campaign – just ask us, our campus marketing managers have a wealth of knowledge to come up with innovative campus advertising ideas specifically for your brand.

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Email Marketing


We have access to a database of over 600k young adults and students.

Sending a targeted email to them can promote a specific offer, boost traffic to your website, or even increase your social media following.

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Online Media


Over 2m young adults and students regularly visit our websites for exclusive discounts, informative content, essential advice, and the occasional video of a dancing cat.

Marketing to these students online includes banners, competitions, sponsored content, affiliate marketing and lead generation.

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Student Publications


Over 350k students and young adults receive our publications each quarter.

Digital copies are available to download from Apple Newsstand, Google Play and Amazon.

This makes student magazine advertising an important tool, because not only does it help to inform students and provide valuable knowledge and advice, it also serves as a sound advertising platform.

If you are a company looking to get involved with student publication advertising then you are sure to find a guide/s which will accommodate you.

Student magazine advertising is focused on appealing to the target audience, this is achieved through inclusion of our many publications and guides which focus on different areas of student life. As you will see from scrolling below, this includes The Festival Guide, The Graduate Guide, The Leavers Guide/ Gap Year Travel Guide and The Student Guide.

Our publications prove great and valuable reads. Digital copies are available to download from Apple Newsstand, Google Play, and Amazon, as we recognise the trend to have our publications on the go as students are an active bunch. What this ultimately means is greater scope for carrying out specific student magazine advertising campaigns.

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