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  • Email Marketing
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  • Websites


  • All Youth
  • University Students

The Client

GAME is a British video games retailer with over 400 stores.

What We Did

GAME were looking to promote the release of the long anticipated triple-A title – Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

We know students love a special offer so, recommended GAME include this within their artwork.


They opted to offer students reading The Student Guide 2% back on every purchase and additional in-game downloadable content when pre-ordering.

To make sure students didn’t forget to pre-order and take advantage of the offer, we placed GAME within our wall planner provided in every Guide.

Section sponsorship provided GAME a clickable link to pre-order on every editorial page of The Student Guide. website also featured a feature article on Black Ops 3 and provided a route back to to pre-order.

Serving as a final reminder to students we provided GAME will 100,000 student emails to send the special offer to, check out the artwork below.


Why It Rocked

This helped propel Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to sales of $550 Million, blasting the previous two releases out of the water.

  • dasha matyskina
    Dasha Matyskina | Adobe / Torpedo Group

    The British American Group have helped us get the latest Adobe campaigns in front of the student market on numerous occasions through solus email campaigns.They are quick and easy to work with and offer flexible targeting options and strong rates in the industry. We look forward to our future endeavours with the team.

  • lupita-mexico
    Lupita Ayala | Deputy Director | Mexico Tourism Board

    The Gap Year Travel Guide is the perfect way of communication with the 18-25 market in the UK. Our advert within the Guide has drastically increased tourism to Mexico.

  • direct-line-man
    Tim Roberts | Marketing Manager - Growth Products | Direct Line Group
    We worked with BA Media on some targeted advertising via their UK Graduate guide for our Backpacker Insurance policy and then later via their UK Student Guide to promote our Travel Insurance and the perils of not having adequate Travel Insurance.  We found BA Media a pleasure to work with; they kept us up to date with deadlines and were extremely efficient.  I would recommend anyone who deals with people in their markets to use them for their advertising.
  • Joerg Stampler | Senior Product Manager | L'Oréal

    It is a pleasure working with The Student Guide, a very proactive and flexible company who understands the values and target audience of a brand quickly

  • Blagoy Klimov
    Blagoy Klimov PhD | Head of International Affairs and Projects Office | Varna Free University - Bulgaria

    Out of all our international contacts, BA definitely sets the standard for great communication skills, friendliness, personal touch (which is quite hard to keep in the corporate world) and young spirit. Keep up the good work! Happy to have you as partners.

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