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How Advertising In Online Publications Can Get Your Brand In Front Of 500K Students

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British American Group / 01.12.17 / Industry

Getting your brand in front of students using an online publication is a very effective way to engage with the youth market, especially when most millennials have integrated mobile devices into their daily lives. With the increased adoption of smartphones, there is a greater influence on students to consume more digital content and share with other students.

According to a journal by UKSG, 52% of students preferred reading on screens which means that there is great potential for your brand to get noticed by students when advertising through online publications.

When you advertise with our student publications, you’ll be able to put your brand in front of over 350k students and young adults which receive our publications each quarter.

What are Online Publications?

Online publications or electronic publishing, is the process of distributing content through an online media. There are different forms of online publishing and this ranges from, journals, books, newspapers, magazines and more. Depending on what your business is aiming to market to students, there may be different forms of media which can be more suited.

For online magazines, there are specific types which target different audiences, such as student magazines. Student magazines are targeted at the youth market and can be a very important platform for your business. Not only can you provide knowledge and advice to students, but this can also serve as a form of advertisement.

What Can Student Publications Do For My Business?

Student magazines are focused on appealing to that specific target audience and this can be achieved through various publications, guides and content which revolves around student life. For businesses, it’s important to consider marketing towards the youth as they will be the future consumers of your product or service. Establishing a connection and building deep customer relationships allow you to have a strong foundation for when students decide to use your brand.

Benefits of advertising on a student magazine:

  • A Credible Source – Advertising your business on established and popular student magazines is an immediate form of credibility. Students that see your brand on established platforms are more likely to engage with you and take in the information that you distribute.
  • Able to Share Valuable Information – Distributing valuable content can help you build up your brand presence and brand authority. By sharing useful content with students, you are not just another advert to them, but they can also learn about your brand.
  • Targeted Approach to Advertising – Reaching out to a younger demographic via student magazines allows you to specifically focus on your target audience. As such, you will get a better return on investment when compared to targeting a broader range of demographics.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing – In comparison to printed media, it can be more cost-effective to utilise online publications. There are no fees for printing, packaging and postage which enables businesses to save on overhead costs.

Types of Student Publications Available

British American Group offers a wide selection of targeted online student publications for businesses that are looking to engage with students. With over 350k students and adults receiving our publications each quarter, we offer a fantastic platform to help you advertise and appeal to students.

We have a range of publications for all areas of student life. Here are the types of student publications we cover:

The Gap Year Travel GuideThe Travel guide is the ultimate companion for young adults, covering the best destinations to visit, important advice, and travel stories.

The Festival GuideThe Festival guide helps young adults to plan their summer, featuring over 200 festivals in the UK, the latest fashion trends and advice on staying safe.

The Leavers GuideThe Leavers guide provides information and advice for 16 to 18-year olds that are deciding on their career. The guide covers information about career paths, undergraduate options and more.

The Graduate GuideThe Graduate guide offers a comprehensive guide on employment and education after university. The guide includes advice about careers, finance and employment.

The Student GuideThe Student guide is a comprehensive survival guide for students in university. Covering information and advice on lifestyle, finance, travel, entertainment and more.

If your company is looking to engage with students with online publication advertising, then we offer a range of guides that will accommodate your needs.

Contact British American Group for Online Student Publication Services

If your business is in need of online student publication services and you would like more information about our services, then please contact one of our friendly experts at British American Group.

Call us on 0121 616 2211 or email us at