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How to Create a Brand Presence Online

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British American Group / 27.11.17 / Industry

There is an increasing number of brands all over the world, each competing to gain the public’s awareness and their business. With so many businesses already being established and expanding, how can you develop your business and your brand so you can compete against larger businesses?

A study by ITU indicates that there are over 3.2 billion people using the Internet across the globe and this number is constantly increasing. With such a wide range of demographics across the world using the Internet, it gives businesses more opportunities when branding, meaning that your online presence is even more important than you may think.

One of the major demographics for businesses to consider when branding is the student market. Building up your brand with your target audience and the youth in mind, allows you to develop customer relationships with your current and future consumers. As such, student advertising and youth marketing are important for businesses that are considering to target the student market.

What’s the Importance of Building a Brand Presence?

A brand presence gives your business an identity and allows you to establish yourself to your customers. Having an online presence can be as important as any other forms of branding and this is becoming more apparent. Businesses that have a strong brand presence often integrate their branding into all aspects of the business, which builds a sense of recognition and trust. When customers need a product, service or information, they often go to businesses that have a good brand presence as they are recognisable, credible and well-known.

Get Involved with Social Media

One of the easiest ways of building your brand presence online is to utilise the channels that are already out there on the internet, such as social media. According to TheDrum, Facebook, had influenced 52% of customer’s online and offline purchases. Social media marketing is such an effective and cost-effective way to promote your business online as it enables you to reach target audiences from across the world and build a follower base.

The demographics for social media are predominantly the millennials which means that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and perfect for targeting the youth market. As millennials are the future consumers of your product or service, it is important to consider student advertising or youth marketing to ensure that students can recognise your brand.

Businesses have recognised the potential for growth on social media platforms and have integrated social media within their marketing tactics.

Building your brand presence on social media means interacting with your customers and potential customers to build relationships. There are a few points to consider when building your brand and a follower base on social media:

  • How do you want to interact with your customers?
  • What message do you need to convey?
  • Which platform is right for your branding? (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Building a brand is a long-term investment and that means keeping a presence on social media is essential. Regularly posting news and updates about your business allows your branding to develop and enables constant exposure to customers. Businesses also often post about new offers and deals on social media as it can effectively drive click-through rates and conversions.

Utilise Email Marketing

Integrating email marketing within your strategies enables you to effectively reach your customers in a personalised way and build customer relationships. Not only does email marketing open up more opportunities for your business, but it can also promote a better return on investment. British American Group can help you streamline your email marketing and build your online brand presence to appeal to young adults through email marketing.

Key benefits of email marketing:

  • Low Cost – Compared to the main methods of marketing, email marketing is a cost-effective way of increasing exposure.
  • Targeted Approach – Email marketing allows you to segment your data and control which customers see your emails by demographics, location and other types of data.
  • Measurable & Accountable – One of the main benefits of email marketing, is that it enables you to see the email analytics and measure the open rates, click-through rates and more.

If you haven’t already considered email marketing as part of your strategy, then now is the time. Take advantage of the cost-effective, targeted and measurable marketing method to build up your brand presence, customer relationships and customer base.

Increase Your Visibility Within Search

If you are looking to build up your brand, then having an online search presence can make the process much easier. When customers search for a product or service, they will most likely click on the top results as they know that the higher-ranking results are the most relevant and authoritative. If your customers can easily find your business online, then your customers will immediately have the impression that your brand is established, relevant and authoritative. The main options for increasing search visibility is either organic search or paid search. Both of these options offer great value for your business.

Optimising your website allows you to leverage organic search visibility and drive more traffic to your website, although this can be a long-term investment. There are quicker ways of increasing your search visibility such as display ads or Pay-per-click ads. Paid search allows you to invest in increasing your visibility in a shorter amount of time.

Creating Valuable Content

You may have head the phrase ‘Content is King’ and you would be correct to assume that valuable content can contribute to the success of your branding. Whether the type of content is a blog article or a video post, the most successful brands tend to focus on delivering content that is engaging, informative and useful for the readers. Delivering high quality content that is relevant to your business and customers can help you define your brand. Creating content is one of the most important parts to any marketing strategy.

When producing content, you may also want to integrate social media to further promote your content to more people.

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