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Great Examples of Student Marketing

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British American Group / 17.11.17 / Industry

With 2.2 million students in the UK, millennials are one of the largest demographics in the UK population. Student Advertising is a very important strategy for businesses to consider; having a connection and developing strong customer relationships can help you build loyal customer base.

Student Marketing is the promotion of products, services or brands to the higher education student population.

There are various strategies which fall under student advertising and youth marketing which businesses can use to promote their brand. Here are a few great examples of businesses successfully utilising these strategies.

Targeted Email Marketing Case Study – Tommy Hilfiger

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which enables businesses to specifically target their audiences in a cost-effective and efficient way. This form of marketing has become an important strategy for businesses as it encourages personalised interaction and engagement between the customer and the brand.

How Tommy Hilfiger used Student Marketing

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s leading clothing designers, producing luxury apparel for both men and women. Tommy Hilfiger ran a successful email marketing campaign over the Black Friday period and gained widespread exposure and engagement with students.

Offering a 40% off promotion on their email newsletter and on the Youth Discount, they were able to engage with the youth market and generated over £19,000 worth of sales over a five-day period.

Student Brand Ambassadors Case Study – Amazon Student

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from utilising brand ambassadors as they can help companies stand out from the competitors. Brand ambassadors are people who represent and promote your company and these ambassadors can help endorse your products, services and your brand.

How Amazon used Student Marketing

Amazon is one of the global leading internet-based retailers and they have developed a service specifically for the student market. Amazon Student developed a strategy to reach out to all students in the UK, by covering 108 university campuses on Freshers week.

The Amazon Student ambassadors had the task of ensuring that all students in the UK were aware of Amazon Student and they encouraged them to sign-up to the service. With monetary incentives and free trials of Amazon Student being offered to all students, the brand ambassadors ensured that the campaign was successful. Overall, the brand ambassadors helped Amazon to reach over 1 million students across 108 universities in the UK.

Magazine & Digital Publications Case Study – PlayStation

Both traditional and digital magazine publications are very effective for advertising your business. Many magazines target specific demographics which allow you to focus on your target audience. Businesses tend to advertise in magazines as they have a huge reach and are created on passion points relevant to the demographics in question, positioning each business featured as a trusted service or product supplier to the desired demographic.

How Sony used Student Marketing

Sony PlayStation 4 is a games console which has become one of the fastest selling consoles of all time. Sony had achieved a high impact position in the student market by advertising their latest console in a student magazine.

Due to this high exposure they successfully increased the awareness of their console in the student community which led to a large increase in sales for the Christmas period. Along with the console, they also incentivised the purchase of Drive Club, which is a game that managed to achieve over 2 million sales. As Sony wanted to target a wider demographic, they also promoted Sing Star Ultimate Party which achieved a total of 16 million sales.

On-Campus Marketing Case Study – Urbanears

On-Campus marketing allows businesses to advertise their products or services to students at universities. This provides a great solution for businesses that are looking to enter the student market and increase brand awareness for this demographic. Whether a business is looking to get a booth or hold an event, On-Campus marketing can be very effective at helping your brand get recognised and drive sales.

How Urbanears used Student Marketing

Urbanears is a specialist company that produces high quality headphones and accessories. Their aim was to promote their new range of headphones through On-Campus marketing and flyer distribution. Along with product demonstrations, students were able to enter a competition to win a pair of headphones which provided more incentive.

Urbanears were hugely successful with their On-Campus campaign as they received great brand awareness and recognition after having received over 1000 entries into their competition and over 3000 students trying on the headphones. Urbanears also offered an exclusive discount to students if they wanted to buy the headphones which further incentivised business.

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